Dear Catchy Graphics

My wife and I were delighted by Marlenea’s professional service and attention to detail. She added the creative spark to our photo settings and delivered wonderful results that will last a lifetime. I’ll be in touch!

Cuffey family, from Philadelphia

To Catchy Graphics

After having my portait taken by Catchy Graphics, I am so pleased with my results. As a result of having shingles, I had very dark coloring around my right eye. Catchy Graphics was able to remove all the darkness and bought my coloring back to normal. This made me very happy, and my portrait came out wonderful. A very pleased customer.

Mrs. Smith, from Philadelphila

To Catchy Graphics

Work is superb! My photo session with her was exciting and fun. She knows how to capture the true spirit of a person and her surroundings with the lens. The photo collage was more than I could
have imagined; it’s like a work of art! On my next visit to Hawaii I plan to book another photo session with her; this time it’ll be pictures of my honeymoon.

Tracye Orridge, From Washington DC


Dear Catchy Graphics

I would like to thank you for the beautiful photos you took of my granddaughter. She is a three-year-old who can be a challenge to work with. The photos were done indoors as well as outdoors. Her mother was very pleased with your work and is looking forward to having you do some photos of the two of them together. Thank you again,

Mrs. Jackson, From Delaware County
 To Catchy Graphics

Marlenea is true to her calling as a professional photographer. I have worked with Marlenea on several occasions and have always been more than pleased with the finished product. She has a gift in being able to really “capture the moment and tell a story” with each picture. Marlenea is creative in choosing various backgrounds and poses for a photo. Because she exhibits such passion and energy for her work, she is able to bring out the best in you, which in turn makes great photographs.

Miranda Darden, from Lanett, AL

To Catchy Graphics

I had the pleasure of meeting Marlenea over a year ago, and right from the start, I was touched by her genuine compassion for others and her gift of making people feel right at home when they are talking with her. When we’d meet for coffee, the hours would fly by! Between all of the laughter, we’d speak about our life’s triumphs and challenges, and when it was time to leave, we felt we’d only just began to touch upon our latest happenings.

As I got to know her better, it was clear that Marlenea’s passion was photography. For hours I’d see her poring over her photos and website, putting her heart and soul into making them just right. She is the ultimate professional. She pays attention to every detail, and her talent and skill are reflected in her photos. Just by looking at her work, you could tell that she captured the best of her clients and that they too felt blessed to have worked with and known her.

My daughter and I were lucky enough to have a photo shoot with Marlenea, and not only did we love our photos, we always remember the experience to be such a delightful experience. She managed to make us feel right at home in front of the camera, and we are so happy to have our photos as a keepsake for many years to come!

Ashley Weiss, from Issaquah,WA

To: Catchy Graphics

I’m most appreciative of the fine work you did for me. You were able to capture separate photographs and combine them in a unique and creative way–much to the delight of the people concerned. There was no evidence that the product came from separate sources.

In another project involving the funeral service of my elderly mom, your large-format picture prominently displayed at the service was most complimentary. The touch-up work was done with the most expert hand, improving the image while maintaining the naturalness of the subject.

Thanks for a BEAUTIFUL Job!
Ronald Petty, from Hawaii

To: Catchy Graphics,

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience with Daniel’s photo shoot. He was still fairly young (7 mths), and I wasn’t sure if he would be responsive during the shoot. Well you eased my concerns. I appreciated your positive energy, patience, and creative encouragement to get my son to engage with the camera. There were so many shots of him that I truly enjoyed. I will treasure these photos of my son for the rest of our lives. I know that anyone who works with you will be pleased with your creativity. They will be amazed by how their photos come out. I know I am. Best wishes to you and your business.

Deslynn Walston, from Japan

Aloha Catchy Graphics,

We are writing to express our deep gratitude for your time and talents for the Kanikapila Concert Benefit for Autism. Your commitment and the commitment of other conscientious individuals
provides tremendous moral support for our mission. Even more significantly, of course, your contribution strengthens our ability to carry out our endeavors, which will serve the autism community in Hawaii.

Once again, thank you for making our first-ever fundraising benefit “happen.” Your support means so much to us and the families affected by autism.

Sincerely, Lori Eller HR
Hawaii Autism Resource Team

Aloha Catchy Graphics,

Thank you, Marlenea! You are an amazing woman of God with a beautiful heart that has a strong passion for capturing God’s artwork through your photography and videography so that you may
bless the people around you. You are an extremely talented and creative individual whom I have really enjoyed working with on the various photo and video shoots. My life has been blessed since I
met you and I know that many others will be blessed too! I believe that you are reaching out to an audience in a market that desperately NEEDS to see God, and what better way to do it than to
replace secular videos and photos with Christian ones? I am thankful for your discipline, devotion and perseverance to not give up but to continue to run the race so that you can win for God.

Jennifer L. Roberts from Hawaii

To Catchy Graphics

Thank you, Catchy Graphics, for the animation you did for our website and the business cards. It was a pleasure working with your company. We are very pleased and happy with the results. You gave us exactly what we needed, and we will be in contact with you again in the future.

Thank You
Pamela Erinn
Executive Assistant
New Castle, DE.

Aloha Catchy Graphics,

On only one occasion have I actually worked with Catchy Graphics. The experience of shooting the video was very comfortable and enjoyable. The results were completely professional and of very
high quality. I had no idea what to expect, but when I saw a screening of the final product, my expectations were far surpassed, and I realized the talent behind it. I would have no hesitations
about using Catchy Graphics’ excellent services again in the future.

Mahalo and Aloha,
Roger from Hawaii

To Catchy Graphics

Catchy Graphics designed a logo for my company. I didn’t know what I wanted. I was just starting my jewelry company. Marlenea asked me how I got into selling jewelry, and I told her. Then she came up with a beautiful design that I really like. I was so happy with it, I gave her a big tip. Thanks, Marlenea.

Marie Yamane